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Tower House - Demolition

One of our regular clients called to ask if we undertake demolition works

We jumped at the opportunity

A site survey was booked, and we swiftly attended to scope out what was required

An old water reservoir storage tank, dating back to the 50’s, was on the agenda. Our client wanted it taken down, and all underground storage to be filled in

We put together a proposal, which allowed for a full R&D Asbestos Survey, removal of the current metal clad roof, and infill of the underground chamber

After successfully securing the job, we sent in the Asbestos specialists to undertake the R&D survey

This came back all clear in the reservoir, but as expected the small roof to an outbuilding needed specialist removal

This was booked in, and removed by our contractor within days, and cleared from site

Time to remove the roof

We ordered in a large MEWP to assist with the removal of the roofing sheets, and steelwork, making it easy to move down the sections, and quickly get them carted away from site

Next came the removal of any above ground walls, and our in house specialist got to work with a 3 tonne excavator and breaker, removing them in no time at all

All that was left was to infill the remaining underground chamber area

We called on a local contractor that supplied recycled crushed chalk, and loaded in over 500 tonnes, compacting it down as we progressed

The final layer was recycled crushed road stone, which brought in the levels, and formed the new parking area

Surrounding the area we installed new soil, and planted Wild Flower seeds

Client happy, another successful job in the bag