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Hazards Green – GRP roof installation

We had a call from a regular client of ours to attend a reactive leak, to a roof on a large control panel kiosk. We quickly attended, temporarily repaired the defective roof, but strongly advised its replacement due to its many defective sections

As a temporary safety measure, given all the high value equipment inside the kiosk, a scaffold roof was installed over, to divert all rainfall

Our first port of call was to contact the original supplier of the Kiosk, knowing they would have all the plans

They happily attended a survey, and put together a fresh proposal

This would mean craning off the existing roof, and replacing it entirely with a new GRP sectional roof

Our process of work began internally, isolating all power/lighting that was attached to the roof, and setting aside for later reuse.

We then had to support all the cabling within the kiosk, as this was supported partly at the roof, this was done with installation of carefully placed acro props, to ensure no movement

We then had to hope for good weather, as removing the old roof would leave the kiosk open to the elements.

Install day, and the weather stayed dry

The old roof was cut into sections, and carefully removed 1 piece at a time

The roof sections, had to be fitted in the same process, so 1 old out, and 1 new in, then carefully fixed into place

The process was then repeated until all new sections had been installed

All electrics internally were refitted, tested for correct operation, and left in full working order

Successful job, handed over to the client on time, and within budget